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Team Spark
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Team Spark Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $20,000.00
Total Raised: $46,081.16

Team Spark Jersey

Team Spark is the Spark Bike Run Sports shop/club mountain bike, road cycling, and triathlon team devoted to bettering ourselves in our disciplines and supporting Homes For Our Troops. We value Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

If you're interested in donating to Homes For Our Troops on our behalf we than you. You can either donate to the team as a whole or directly in the name of one of our members.

Thank You!

Team Members:
Total Raised$46,081.16  
General Team Donation$24,730.81  
Michael O'Connell$685.00  
   Gretchen Almy$300.00  
   Karl Amber$1,350.35  
   Frank Atkinson$500.00  
   Eric Averill$250.00  
   Sue Aygarn-Kowalski$1,740.00  
   David Bancroft$690.00  
   David Beauchesne$300.00  
   Matt Bettencourt$0.00  
   Eric Cardinal$400.00  
   Scott Cole$360.00  
   Tracy Correia$250.00  
   Matthew Curtis$0.00  
   Dan Desmarais$940.00  
   Kellie Dewar$540.00  
   Michael Donovan$300.00  
   Ken Duquette$250.00  
   Gary Eleniefsky$150.00  
   Jake Feiter$0.00  
   Jacqueline Francisco$622.50  
   Steven Goulart$150.00  
   Mark Gracia$625.00  
   Dale Higgins$0.00  
   debra holden$1,035.00  
   Marissa, Kate, Meg Hughes$490.00  
   Cary Johnson$275.00  
   Sean Kinney$325.00  
   Paul Latimer$250.00  
   Keith Leite$375.00  
   Deb Levesque$255.00  
   Kathy Lopes$250.00  
   Christopher Moniz$0.00  
   Thomas Moniz$305.00  
   Sean Noonan$565.00  
   Michael Norton$1,270.00  
   Frank Petrulli$1,500.00  
   Chris Pierce$500.00  
   Fred Prescott$0.00  
   Sandy Schoepfel$325.00  
   Kelly Spring$300.00  
   Roger Spring$500.00  
   Nancy Trenger$300.00  
   Tim Trenger$250.00  
   Devon Turner$75.00  
   Anne Vantran$545.00  
   Doug Veilleux$710.00  
   lori watkins$547.50  

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